Dealing With A Truck Accident

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Dealing With A Truck Accident

If you have met with a truck accident, it is necessary to discover the behavior of the driver and the function of the trucking company in the accident. The trucking company may be responsible for this incident since it has allowed an ineligible or impaired driver on the public roads or neglected to abide by Federal regulations. The Federal law has mentioned a specific shift for truck drivers.truck accident law

How Drivers Cause Accidents

Large truck drivers typically do not cause truck accidents on the roads due to weather, road conditions, and vehicle conditions as per the current study carried out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

They are ten times more likely to cause accidents on the roads due to the factors such as speeding, using over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs, distraction, inattention, fatigue, unfamiliarity with the road and work environment. The FMCSA has stated that most truck accidents happen due to a driver’s error.

Fatigue is the most common reason behind most truck accidents, though it can be easily preventable. Fatigue results in drivers falling asleep, misjudging, panicking, and overreacting to the situation.

Federal Regulations On Truck Driving

As per Federal law, truck drivers must get adequate sleep and necessary rest so that they can drive safely. Under these rules, the drivers can work for fourteen hours per day.

If you are in a truck accident and you discover that the driver failed to react to the situation properly or fell asleep, then you should refer to the Federal Regulations. Find out if the company violated the hours of service rules.

How To Prove The Driver’s Error

If you want to prove that the trucking company violated the service rule, obtain a copy of the driver’s log. Rather than this, you can review the “bills of lading” and the “trip tickets”.

It is better to seek the help of an attorney who has knowledge of truck accidents and has better reviews in the local area. However, if you want to find an expert lawyer in your area, you need to find it online. Compare the charges of the lawyers, schedule an appointment, and see who can best handle your case.

You need to gather evidence of the drivers’ errors from other sources too. However, these seem complicated and cannot be done properly without industry know-how. It is better to seek the help of a truck accident attorney if you want to have a fair judgment and compensation.